Gabe Schamberg     Research     CV


Ph.D. ECE, UC San Diego, 2016-Present
M.S. ECE, UC San Diego, 2014-2016
B.S. CSE, UC San Diego, 2008-2012


G. Schamberg and T. P. Coleman, “Measuring Sample Path Causal Influences with Relative Entropy”, Submitted. [arXiv]

G. Schamberg and T. P. Coleman, “A Sample Path Measure of Causal Influence”, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), June 2018. [IEEE Xplore] [arXiv]

G. Schamberg, D. Ba, and T. P. Coleman, “A Modularized Efficient Framework for Non-Markov Time Series Estimation”, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Volume 66, Issue 12, June 2018. [IEEE Xplore] [arXiv] [Code Ocean]

G. Schamberg, M. Wagner, D. Ba, and T. P. Coleman, “Efficient Low-Rank Spectrotemporal Decomposition using ADMM”, IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop, June 2016. [IEEE Xplore]

Research Positions

Neural Interaction Lab, 2014-Present
San Diego Supercomputer Center, 2012

Work Experience

Lecturer (ENG 10) - UC San Diego, 2018
Analytics Research Intern - CoreLogic, 2017
Lecturer (ENG 1/2/3) - UC San Diego, 2015-2016
Software Developer (Contractor) - Ziva Corporation, 2014
Software Developer - NKI Engineering, 2012-2014
Software Developer (Part-time) - Teradata, 2011

Leadership Development and Experience

Mentor - Jacobs Undergraduate Mentoring Program (JUMP), 2017-2018
Gordon Scholar - Gordon Center for Engineering Leadership, 2008-Present
President/Captain - UCSD Ski & Snowboard Team, 2010-2012

Grants and Awards

Kavli Institute for Brain & Mind, Innovative Research Grant Award Recipient, 2018
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, Honorable Mention, 2016
Jacobs Fellow, 2014-2017


Reviewer - Knowledge Based Systems, 2017
Session Co-Chair - Information Theory and Applications (ITA) Workshop, 2017

Technical Experience